If you are looking for an empowering workout that gets real results, this is it. Our incredibly popular Les Mills BODYCOMBAT workout gets you fit, fast and strong, using non-contact martial arts inspired exercises to fuel cardio fitness and train the whole body. If you want to blast you stress levels and build your fitness, BODYCOMBAT is the total package. It works the legs, tones the arms, back and shoulders and provides phenomenal core training. At the same time it burns up the calories, develops coordination, agility and speed, and leaves you feeling empowered.


Melkon Budakyan

Kinesio therapist, Professional wushu kungfu athlete, certified Les Mills group instructor of “BODYCOMBAT”, “BODYATTACK”,"The Trip", "Grit"․

Dallar Nazarian

Certified Les Mills instructor of “CXWORX”, “BodyCombat”,  “BodyPump” and “The Trip”.

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