Pregnancy is a lot easier and way more fun when we go through it together.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman's life.

For 9 months, the future mother takes care of her health and the health of her baby in every possible way.

In fact, sufficient physical activity plays an incredibly beneficial role throughout pregnancy, both for the health of the mother and for the baby.

Physical activity strengthens not only the mother's body, but also the body's resistance and much-needed endurance during childbirth.

From now on, the Reebok Sports Club offers a brand NEW, special program for pregnant women, with all the essential exercises that a woman needs during pregnancy.

Specially trained and certified trainers, together with experienced doctors, have developed all the necessary exercises in one program “Happy Future Mother” package, to turn pregnancy into a pleasant and memorable period.

The strength of the body of the expectant mother who has passed this program will help to bear the growing weight of the child more easily and avoid possible complications and problems.

A special program for pregnant women presents a set of exercises that improves the well-being of a pregnant woman, her daily vitality and contributes to the proper development and formation of the embryo.

The special program includes:

- Water aerobics

- Prenatal yoga, Pranayama yoga, Meditation

- Soft stretching

Aqua aerobics

- Reduces the risk of varicose veins.

- Supports skin elasticity.

- Corrects posture and promotes restful sleep.

- Special indispensable breathing exercises facilitate the process of childbirth.


- Improves mood and helps prevent postpartum depression.

- Special asanas help the fetus to take the correct position in the womb and balance the center of gravity.

- Facilitates the process of childbirth and helps to pass it without injuries and obstetric fistula.

- Improves digestion, eliminates pyrosis and nausea.

Soft stretching

- Reduce back, lower back and neck pain that often occurs in pregnant women.

- Stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness (endorphin), which provides a good mood and well-being, positively affecting the central nervous system.

- Stretching satisfies the need of the body of pregnant women for oxygen and prevents a possible decrease in the oxygen starvation of the embryo.

Avoid unreasonable mood swings. Love your body, recharge with positive energy and help your body easily give birth to a long-awaited miracle.

Exercise in Pregnancy

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