Exercise in Pregnancy

Exercise in Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy routine throughout the pregnancy period is important for mom and the baby. Regular exercise is one of the main factors in maintaining a healthy routine. Most of the exercises are not harmful to your babies, however, you may consult your doctor or midwife before doing exercises and decide according to their advices.

There are many benefits of exercises during pregnancy. Some of them are:

- Exercises makes you fit and active in your pregnancy period.

- Exercise can reduce your back pain.

- Exercises can maintain your weight which may be good in your pregnancy.

- Exercises can improve your mental health.

- It reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension.

- You will get proper sleep when doing exercises.

- It can relieve stress.

- Exercises can make you flexible and improves your fitness.

- It strengthens your muscles.

- It helps you to maintain your body shape after pregnancy.

- It can help you have normal delivery.

What kind of exercises are needed during pregnancy?

Most of the exercises are safe during pregnancy, just ensure you are not stressing yourself much. You should also consider your doctor’s suggestions before you start any exercise. If you have been advised bed rest due to any complications in your pregnancy, you should avoid exercises. Some of the safe exercises include:

Walking: A half an hour walk everyday do the wonders in pregnancy. Just ensure you are not over-stressing yourself while doing so.

Swimming: Swimming is the best exercise which a pregnant lady can do. When in water, you do not feel your weight at all and it benefits you.

Aquanatal Exercises: You should consider joining an aquanatal class. These are fun-filled and light exercises which are good during pregnancy.

Yoga: Yoga is also a good exercise during pregnancy. Just ensure that your yoga teacher is qualified to handle pregnant students.

Soft Stretching exercises: You can do simple stretching exercises and promote your flexibility.

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