Every child deserves to learn to swim at a very early stage of life.

    Most adults who do not know how to swim often blame their parents for not allowing them to learn to swim in the very early stages of life.

    It will be great for your kids to grow up thinking that you have given them the opportunity to learn to swim in a very early age. Also we want to notice that swimming skills remain throughout the child's life.

    Such positive memories can make a strong connection between our children’s childhood and adulthood.  At Reebok Sports Club Swimming School, we created a unique platform for children of all ages to learn to swim right and develop their swimming skills under the professional coaches’ control.

    We have many competitors in swimming field, However, there is a question which swimming lessons are good for children?

    The first advantage is safe. Every child has the right to safe and deserves to be saved when the need comes up.  Accidents can happen when you expect them least, and you, as a parent, may not be there. You have to be prepared for the unexpected ones.

    Drowning is considered to be the third most common cause of accidental death among children. But a child who has swimming skills can be saved from drowning before the help can come.  At this point, a simple swimming skill can solve the problem of life and death.  The second is to be strong and healthy.  A healthy childhood is a happy childhood. Swimming can help keep your baby strong and healthy.

    Swimming increases children's endurance, improves their body balance and posture. It also improves children's health, flexibility and guarantees the health of their heart and lungs.  

    Also learning to play in the water gives your child a rare opportunity to learn or do water sports.  You never know what your child can be in the future. 

    Building an early career in sports can open many opportunities.  Swimming helps improve blood circulation and brain function. Studies have shown that children who do a lot of sports, such as swimming, are often more determined and willing to participate in healthy competitions.

    Early age swimmers are more successful in their school exams and studies.  

    What do we offer? Security. We do understand parents' concerns about the safety of their children, mostly in the public sphere and when they are in the water.  The safety of your child is absolutely essential for us in the swimming school of Reebok Sports Club Armenia.

    We have swimming coaches who definitely have first aid skills. 

    And professionalism is very important.  Our professional swimming coaches understand how kids express them when they go into the pool and how they react when they get out of the water. They will help your child learn the necessary swimming skills that will accompany them throughout their lives.

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